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Modern indie-rock band

Welcome to the world of Kingfisher! Our music is like indie rock meeting modern pop vibes. And who do we sound like? Maybe like Placebo meets Bloc Party, or Muse meets Franz Ferdinand. But current, modern. Thank you for tagging along. Fasten your seat-belt.

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Music that lingers

Kingfisher was born on a late winter day in April 2019, with the snow lingering on in Sweden’s student capital, Uppsala. Composed of an extrovert Italian drummer (Nich) and an introvert Colombian guitarist and vocalist (Julian), we are anything but usual. Time and distance separated us; music unites us.

We care about the present and the future generations, therefore our overarching theme is the environment. This means that we pursue living our music career in a sustainable manner. 



Want to learn more about Kingfisher, their music, and touring info? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

+46 (0) 72 363 6070

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